Busy Bees

My Monday started with a faulty alarm clock. No harm, no foul. Everyone got a little extra sleep and lucky for us the doctor’s office wasn’t expecting us until 11:15 AM. I threw myself together, gave both kids a bath, got everybody fed and we were out the door 10 minutes early.

The doctor’s office was a breeze up until the baby started spitting up all over me and the exam room floor, quick thinking and poor judgement led me to use his clean onesie as a mop. Next came the shots which brought on the waterworks, couple that with his hunger and the fact that he was leaving naked and he had all the makings of the world’s angriest infant.

Exit the doctor’s office and my to-do list read:

  1. Home Depot.
  2. Bank.
  3. Store.
  4. Stop by work (four floors up mind you).

This list would have been an easy slay had I not worn jeans on an 80 degree day and had to carry 30 lbs of baby+car seat while making sure my little man didn’t run off in whichever direction. By the time we reached home I had spent nearly four hours on a five stop trip and I was dripping in sweat.

Good thing all I had to do at home was tend to my toddler and my angry (just had three shots) baby. Plus of course some dishes, 5 loads of laundry, wash the baby bottles, clean the bathroom, vacuum then some general cleaning and scrubbing.

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