My Three Year Old Told Me (II)

A while ago I posted about some of the outrageous, little things my son tells me sometimes and he’s only getting more ridiculous as the days go by. Here are some new funnies:

1. “You say Mickey Mouse or … shit?”
I’ll have you know he asked me this while playing and I had said neither of those things. You should also know that he went into time out for this one, regardless of how funny I found it.

2. “Sock my balls.”
Honestly I think this was an attempt to say something about soccer balls, again though, time out worthy mostly for the ew factor.

3. “Stop in the neighborhood,” (singing).
We pulled up to a stop sign and he told me to stop, to which I replied by singing, “stop in the name of love.” This is how he sings it back to me.

4. “I need that receipt so I can return my giant juice, because I’m done with it.”
While spending some time with his grandma, they were in a store and he wanted the receipt badly. When she asked why he told her that he was all done with his juice and so he needed a receipt to return it. I don’t even know how he knows what a receipt is.

In addition to these funny little blurbs I thought I would also share my new time out method. While sitting in his time out chair my little nugget often asks repeatedly to come out, to stop this I’ve implemented the new “carrot-timer”. Meaning that each time he goes into time out he’ll be given a carrot stick and isn’t allowed out until it’s all gone. Its a win-win, he learns a lesson and gets some vitamins. So far, so good.

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