Over the weekend I found myself laughing so hard so often that I actually checked my stomach for some rock hard abs this morning, no abs … just leftover baby flab.

Friday – I worked from home and the first phone call I had I told my little peanut, “please be very quiet and eat your breakfast, mommy is going outside to talk to someone.” I no more than come back inside and he had his toy phone pressed to his ear and says, “shhh, mommy. I need to go outside and call somebody.” And off he went to the back door.
He returns from his phone call and has to pee, which he now does 100% by himself. After he goes to the bathroom he comes waddling into the living room with his pants around his ankles. Rather than letting me help him he proceeds to take off the pants, underpants and his shirt and run around the house yelling, “nakey butt, nakey butt, nakey butt.”

As soon as I catch the naked toddler I get him dressed and bundle the baby so we can go outside. Wouldn’t you know as soon as we get out the door, he bumps his knee. Out comes a screech followed by, “I’m bleeding momma, I need a band aid.” I look and there’s no blood but he insists he needs a band aid … then two band aids because he is “bleeding a lot.
Bandaged up he lets out another wail, this time there’s a bee and he is trying to huff and puff and blow the poor thing away.

After a couple hours of trampoline time and bee blowing we hit the house for lunch. We’re having chicken soup and he looks at me and asks if there is any “shmonge” in his soup. I reply with “what is shmonge?” only to find out that “shmonge is wanga.” Okay…

Saturday – Quick blurb about Saturday. We start our day with little man singing me Happy Birthday again and again, which is extremely sweet but my birthday is in August. A couple hours into my “birthday” and he comes out of his bedroom with pants around his ankles and boots on his hands. A few more hours into the day and something upsets him so he says, “darn it!” then looks directly at me when I don’t respond and says, “darn it! Do you hear me mommy?”

I laugh harder at this little boy than I do the funniest of films or the greatest of jokes. He is hands down the best live in comedian anyone could ask for.

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