Flashback to a shopping trip when my oldest son was only two. We went to Wal-Mart for some snacks and I noticed the store was pretty empty, the aisle I was in particularly.

Without a second thought, I begin whizzing down the aisle making race car noises and my son was ecstatic. As we got close to the end of the aisle I slowed down and said something along the lines of, “hit the brakes,” and made a low screeching sound with my mouth.

He was loving every second of it.

Just then a woman, older than myself, and her daughter rounded the corner catching the last moments of our shenanigans, I smiled and probably blushed. She then shot a horrible look in my direction and proceeded to literally lift her nose into the air before passing me in the aisle.

Though it wasn’t my first time feeling judged for my parenting it was one of the strangest reasons to date. We are all winging it. There is no guide, no written list of rules, no golden advice that works for everyone. All of us, mothers, fathers, step-parents, adoptive parents and guardians, are doing our best to raise good kids and have fun doing it.


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