Stress Level 10

Just to really get a load off, here it is…

The toddler has been pooping his pants a lot lately, expressing that he “wants to be a baby too.” The baby hasn’t been pooping because he was having difficulties with his formula, but has had no trouble spitting up like a possessed sprinkler. My mother took over babysitting but called me out of work on three separate occasions because she “couldn’t deal.” And now our baby sitting situation has gone from iffy to down right bad as she announced last night at 7PM, she is done. That’s amazing considering we have no other affordable options until mid June.

We’ve managed to solve the toddler poopy pants problem by putting a jar of candy in the bathroom. He now gets to pick out one piece of candy per poop in the toilet. The baby is almost regular and has hardly spit up in 24 hours because we switched him to soy formula. Then there is the search for a babysitter/daycare that won’t break the bank. No such luck thus far. The least expensive daycare in our area will cost $17 shy of my entire paycheck.

Good golly Ms. Molly, is this what every momma goes through?

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