Who’s Day?

Mother’s Day.
I couldn’t even handle looking at a screen yesterday, hence why my dissertation of Mother’s Day is rolling in a day late. Saturday night we took to the bar with a few good friends and I let myself get a little carried away. Actually I spent a good portion of my night singing …

“Happy Mother’s Day to me, 
Happy Mother’s Day to me,
Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day,
Happy Mother’s Day to me!”

Sunday morning, 5AM – I finally went to sleep.
Sunday morning, 7AM – I woke up.

I spent an easy four hours making the attempt to sleep again. No luck on the couch. No luck in the toddler’s race car bed (no surprise there). No luck upstairs. I gave up on shut eye and ate a few ibuprofen, the only thing that didn’t threaten to make a reappearance. Then my little man put all of his foam letters in a bowl, gave me a spoon and invited me to his “cookie dough” picnic. We ate pretend strawberries and he gave me some pretend juice, it was well worth not being asleep.

Around two I convinced the toddler to come upstairs and lay down with me and there we stayed for about four hours. Hangover gone, I go downstairs, heat some leftovers and relax with the family.

No cards. No flowers. No breakfast in bed (as if I could have kept it down anyway). No brunch. No lunch. No fancy dinner. My wonderful man and I traded off catnaps and snacks, and that was fine by me.

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