Good Morning

Luckily I was already out of bed with half of a coffee in my system before the toddler alarm clock went off this morning. Sitting on the couch I heard some shuffling in his room followed by my favorite morning catch phrase, “I have to go pee.” This morning though it was abruptly followed by, “I peed in my bed.” Great. Take the toddler to the potty and then check his mattress, turns out he didn’t pee in the bed after all. What a sick joke that was.

Breakfast time. I convince him to talk in his quietest voice so he doesn’t wake the baby and that lasts for about twenty minutes. He want’s eggs, cereal, and pie but settles for eggs, cereal and a banana. As he nears the end of his breakfast he says he will take one more bite, then no more. In an attempt to trick him into finishing his breakfast I keep telling him one more after he finishes the bites he’s taking and finally he looks at me and with the utmost seriousness says …

I said one more bite of cereal, and one more and then no more. I’m all done.


We’re also in the process of getting a larger driveway so there is a rather large tractor outside digging up some grass and my little scardy pants can’t leave it alone. He’s already run the the window a dozen times telling me that a GIANT tractor has come to knock down our house. There’s no convincing him otherwise, he probably thinks I’m in on it. This will likely go on all day.

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