Mumday Blues

Oh my Monday. 9AM and I already declare today as a total loss.

Our babysitting situation has changed and rather than the kiddos stay home, I currently have to trek them up to the city with me. This might be most women’s reality but for me it’s brand new. It was less than a month ago that I swore off of leaving the house with both boys alone and now it will be my everyday.

So this morning, I wake up from a bad dream and see that the baby is happy as a clam in his crib just staring at his mobile … and he’s completely coated in dried spit-up. Before I can so much as wipe him off, the toddler downstairs wakes up and begins his usual pounding on the door for release. Down the stairs, I open the door and scoop him up and he’s covered in pee … he wet the bed. Both boys are a hot mess and I’m not much better myself. I spend the next hour and a half switching from kid to kid getting them cleaned, dressed and fed. In the middle moments I slap some make up on, throw on the first clothes I see and honestly, I think I look pretty nice.

It doesn’t end there. I load up the car in a couple of trips, make no time for coffee and the baby is still flipping out. We all get into the car and I forgot wipes, the “bunny basket” and some other basic necessities.

Stop for coffee (XL with espresso, again), drop off the boys, get spit up on, get in the car, spill my coffee all over and finally I get to work for my day to begin.

Better luck tomorrow…

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