Sugar and Spice

I don’t want my children to grow up to be defiant and disrespectful because I didn’t punish them enough. I also don’t want them to grow up to hate me because I punished them too much. Time outs don’t always work. Spanking seems too rough. Taking away toys only leads to yelling. Yelling makes everyone feel bad.

My current savior when it comes to punishment? Talking it out.

Now, I am by no means saying that I never lose my temper and yell for a moment. There are days where my mommy fuse is short and my toddler is running around trying to light it. Talking it out doesn’t exactly make him understand 100% that what he has done was wrong but one thing I know he can grasp is hurting someone’s feelings. Toddlers understand booboos. So when my little nugget says he doesn’t like me? When he won’t give someone a hug or kiss? If he hits or throws something at a person?

That causes a booboo on the heart. He gets told to apologize because he hurt someone’s feelings and they’re sad. The look on his face turns to one of compassion and he asks “Why?” and ultimately he gives up a hug and kiss and says that he is  sorry.

For right now, that’s my attempted solution.

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