My Three Year Old Told Me

Everyone knows that kids say the absolute most ridiculous things but I sometimes feel like my little man takes it to a whole new level. This is a list of some of my son’s most recent funnies:

1. “I left my leap pad on the bus when I went to school.”
Not only has he never been on a bus, but he certainly hasn’t started school yet.

2. “You take a tubby when you get home.”
This was immediately after telling his Uncle that he was stinky.

3. “You a baby…Want a bottle, baby?
Directed towards me, because apparently I am a big, GIANT baby.

4. “The police man is going to come and take your dog to jail.”
Not sure what inspired this one, but it’s what he told his Grandma about her new puppy.

5. “Bizza.
A word that is repeated again and again. It might be the sound a robot makes when it’s shooting something but that meaning has yet to be proven.

6. “He eats boobs and bottles.” & “He poops and pees and cries a lot.”
Any time he is asked about his baby brother these are his only responses.

7. “I hold my penis.” & “I touch my butt.”
These are things he repeats back when you ask him why he’s doing that.

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