Sleep Deprivation

Show of hands, who needed an extra-large coffee with a double shot of espresso to make it through Monday this week?

One of the funny things about being a mom is that we know that we won’t be getting an adequate amount of sleep for a while, but it’s not something that you ever get used to. It took almost two years for my oldest son to start sleeping through the night and now that he’s three, he wakes up from nightmares.

Three nights in a row just this week.

The first night he slept in our bed and the next I crammed myself into his racecar bed. On the third night, sleep deprivation was pulling me down and I put him right to bed, turning down the request for cuddles. All night I paid multiple visits to his room tucking in his toy giraffes, taking him to the bathroom and turning nightlights back on after the timers had turned off.

On the fourth night? There was sleep.

All it took was buying a new night light, completely rearranging his entire bedroom, reading five bedtime stories, giving him a flashlight, making his bed with an over-sized comforter and allowing him to take a toy boat and four action figures to bed. Easy as pie.

Moral of the story: sometimes it’s easier to ask around for advice and exhaust all of your efforts before bedtime comes rather than try to lull a scared toddler back to sleep. Obviously, night lights and flashlights take away a lot of the darkness leaving less to the imagination but rearranging the room was my mom’s idea. Her logic? Maybe there was something casting a spooky shadow and moving the position of his bed might get the shadow out of sight. Bedtime stories, comforting items like toys and puffy blankets also help link the brain to happy memories.

Sweet dreams everyone and as always, thanks for reading!


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