Mums Just Want to Have Fun

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Pregnancy can really suck all the fun out of things.

After the baby is born, there’s breastfeeding (or not, no judgment) and then there are long nights awake and not just the kind we might have been used to before the baby came. Even if you somehow manage to tear yourself away from your bundle of joy, there is this horrible thing called “mommy guilt” or “bad mommy syndrome”. It’s the awful creeping feeling that comes the moment you call the babysitter because you think no one can take care of your baby like you. The cherry on top, is the night out worth missing a night with your baby?

Let me paint you a picture. Your baby is a couple months old, you and your partner spend very little quality time together anymore and you decide to get out of the house for the night. So you ring the baby sitter, get ready and hit the road. You get to the restaurant and before you’ve even ordered your drinks mommy guilt starts setting in. Maybe now you want to text the sitter, or skip appetizers, anything to get home in a hurry.


Your children can only be as happy as you are, and whether you believe that or not they can sense when you’re cranky and it will affect them. So have fun! Drink once in a while, go see a movie, get tickets to that concert, or have a romantic dinner. No one is saying you have to travel the world without your child but it’s just as important to take care of you and your partner’s needs.


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