2 Boys, 1 Mum

My wake up call comes in the form of a 3 year old hollering from downstairs that he is going to pee in his pants. I look at the baby and his eyes are still closed so I rush to the toddler trapped in his room and get him to the toilet.  I know that if I can just fall asleep fast enough, there is another 20 minutes of shut eye waiting for me. Grab cereal, juice, Mr. Giraffe and quickly take the toddler upstairs to watch cartoons in Mom & Dad’s bed.

It would be smart to shower before the baby wakes up though … up I go.

Fast forward 2 hours, the three of us are finally ready to leave the house and I am already second guessing my ability to handle today all alone. The baby is getting his first shots after all. My first struggle is getting the kids in the car … Do I set the baby down and get the toddler in first? Or trust the toddler to stay put while I load the baby in? Ugh.

We get to the doctor’s office and boy #1 makes a mad dash for the toys while boy #2 has just decided that being calm and quiet has lost it’s charm and he wants to yell. I can almost feel my hair turning grey. It gets easier once we sit down, some spit up and a little yelling from the wee one, no biggie, but now the other needs to pee. Diaper bag over the shoulder, bag of toys on my arm, car seat in hand, toddler’s hand in my other … Where did I set my phone?

Into the exam room we go. Measure the baby, weigh the baby, listen to the baby, look at the baby’s eyes and ears. He’s healthy. Phew! I’m surprised she could even hear his heart over his older brother shouting “Say cheese!” every couple seconds. Time for shots? How many? And what now?

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