“Siri, remind me to take a breath at 2:00PM.”

Tuesday – Wake up, shower, two baths, everyone dressed, the toddler had breakfast, the baby had a bottle, the bed is made, the kitchen is clean, toilets are sparkling, the floor is swept, laundry is done, time for lunch, time for naps.

Well, that was short. Make dinner, eat dinner, do the dishes, family time, tuck in the kids, re-clean the house, time for bed, baby won’t sleep. How am I going to do this after maternity leave ends?

Wednesday 1:00 AM – mental breakdown.

Wednesday afternoon I learned something extremely important about myself. I am not Supermom but I am still a super mom. My advice on tackling your to-do list? It’s okay if there is a dust bunny in the corner once in a while. It’s quite alright if a load of laundry winds up a little wrinkled from hanging out in the dryer for an extra day. No one is judging if your house plants look a little thirsty.

Stressing relentlessly over all of the things that need to be done will only ruin your day and maybe even your night. Remember to take time in the day to relax and play with your kids. It isn’t the perfect house that took ten hours to maintain that makes you wonderful. It’s everything else about you and realizing that the dishes can wait until the third bedtime story is done or maybe even until tomorrow.


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