Things to Teach My Boys

Becoming a mom is the most amazing, most overwhelming and wonderful thing that I have ever been lucky enough to experience firsthand but with the birth of my first son came an overwhelming need to be a great mom. A make no mistake, never put herself first, raises a true and happy gentleman kind of mom. I think that’s something that we can all relate to.

Becoming a mom also made me very aware of my own mortality. If something were to happen to me, who would teach my little boys all of the things that I had planned to? Those thoughts kept me up all night and ultimately brought me to create this list.

  1. Say, “I love you.” Always. Every time you leave the house, leave the room, hang up the phone and ever night before you lay down for bed. Life and death are always revolving, make sure the people that you love know it.
  2. Be polite, always use your manners.
  3. Treat everyone kindly. You never know what they have going on at home.
  4. Be respectful, to everyone regardless of age or gender.
  5. Be respected, never let anyone devalue you.
  6. Always ask questions, knowledge is power.
  7. Honesty is key.
  8. Treat all animals kindly, it speaks volumes about who you are as a person.
  9. Don’t be a litterbug.
  10. Enjoy all of the little things in life, you’ll look back one day and see that’s what all the bigger things are made of.
  11. Always think before you speak, you can’t take your words back.
  12. Have fun in everything that you do.
  13. Be careful, please.
  14. Be a defensive driver and don’t speed, you won’t get where you are going on time if you end up in an accident or pulled over.
  15. Work hard. You’ll never reflect on a good day of work with regret.
  16. Live each day like it is your last, not recklessly, but appreciate every single day for what it is and be thankful your eyes opened to see it.
  17. Always be sure to solve your troubles with people before you lose the chance to.
  18. Wave to people.
  19. Love nature!
  20. Do not be a bully and do not support a bully.
  21. Try your hardest in school, it counts for more than you may think.
  22. A wise man spends his time, not just his money.
  23. Appreciate people and tell them when you do. It’s always nice to hear “thank you.”
  24. Family, friendship, love, loyalty, and trust are five of the most powerful things you can ever have in this world.
  25. Don’t wait for the “perfect time” to do something, because there is never a perfect time for anything.  Go for what you want when it feels right.
  26. Doing something that doesn’t work out is better than having regrets of never trying.
  27. Know that I will always love you.

The most important thing I can say is to be a gentleman when you find the person you want to live your life with and love them deeply. Open the door. Kiss their forehead. Hold hands everywhere you go. Remember things like favorite colors, foods, and movies. Buy flowers and candy for no reason, but remember that you cannot buy love. Take walks. Talk deep into the night. Make sure every day that you and the special person in your life wake up, that they can look at you with loving eyes and see their future in you as well. There is no better feeling on this Earth than unconditional love.


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